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Solène started her career in 2010 near London, UK, where she essentially trained as a freelance interior designer for various agencies. She then settled in Paris, France, where she founded the 'Design by Solène Utard' interior architecture agency, and worked for individual clients, professional clients, and as a freelancer for various interior design firms specialised in the hospitality & luxury sector.


Solène graduated from the prestigious Ecole Camondo - Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France, and is an approved-qualified member of the French Council of Interior Designers (CFAI).


Solène is currently the Founding-Director of

My Homy Place | Interior design agency Hong Kong.

Interior designers/architects are not mere decorators but purposedly trained and graduated creatives, with technical and structural background, whose main function is to design, from an existing structure, tailor-made, aesthethic and functional spaces.


Photo credit: Marine Kapur from Peonies and lux

Solène Utard, Interior Designer